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Yacht Management

Owning a yacht can be a demanding and time consuming project. At Yacht Partners, we have over 30 years of experience in the management, maintenance and care of yachts. We offer multiple services covering everything from preparing, maintaining, winterizing and even supervising yard time, ensuring our clients are free to enjoy the yacht with peace of mind when on holiday. We work side-by-side with one of Greeces largest yacht servicing companies, enabling us to offer a 5 star service in all departments.

Refit Management

Re-fitting a yacht can be the best way to bring new life into your prized possession without taking away the character or stepping outside your comfort zone on a new yacht. Whether re-fitting the yacht to prepare for sale, or simply upgrading for your own comfort, Yacht Partners can co-ordinate this process on your behalf. With the techniques available these days, the options seem almost limitless in the design of the refit. 

We pride ourselves in ensuring on site supervision of shipyard works, monitoring quality and timescale and work in relation to agreed completion date.

Charter Management

Your yacht can be many things; your key to freedom, valuable possession, indulgence of luxury or a life long ambition. What is shouldn’t become is an unwelcome responsibility which can take away the joy of ownership. Yacht Partners offers an exclusive charter management for yacht 18 meters and above. We specialize in the upper segment of yacht charters with Captain and Crew teams to ensure the well being of your yacht and the guests at all times. Please contact us to enquire for all details.