New Build Management

Yacht Partners provides a solution to any new build project with experience working with various designers and shipyards around the world for the build of all types of vessels. Dedicated project managers and supporting staff closely supervise and monitor every stage of the construction process ensuring contract compliance and quality, while minimizing impact on cost and schedule in meeting all the owner’s bespoke requirements.

The supervision/guidance of a new build is mainly ensuring that the shipyard complies with all contractual obligations outlined in the build contract, specifications, drawings and schedule. This includes building to the highest standards of workmanship and quality. The difficulty and complexity of these tasks should never be underestimated as their mismanagement could jeopardize the success and completion of the new build project.

Yacht Partners Dealerships

Yacht Partners are able to offer superior service in the delivery of new yachts due to having an extensive list of partnerships, dealerships and sub-dealerships along with being able to rely on partners worldwide. To give an idea of the brands we work with, see the list below of dealerships

Full Dealerships

  • Greenline Yachts

  • Overblue Yachts

  • Shipman Yachts

  • Agilis Jettenders